Each of us has a story to share.

A girl’s bedroom is part of a girl’s identity. It’s a safe haven. A place where friendships grow; and a place where girls share their dreams and fears. The bedroom is a place where girls can experiment with alternative ideas about being a girl. This is why a girl’s bedroom is the perfect setting for sharing stories about girls all around the world.

#Fairy tales
Through fairy tales, girls are taught values and lessons about life. Fairy tales teach girls how to think, act, and behave. But most fairy tales rarely show girls who are independent. We need to break through this chain of conservatism. Girls should instead be taught to be independent, and confident.

The core message of Girlism is: free your inner girl! Stimulating empowerment by visualising the essence of a fairy tale. So we can tell the stories, and you can learn the lessons.


Graphic Design Graduation website: WYWS
Photo credits: Eline van Strien

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