Thesis - Fuck You, I'm a Girl! 

2015, 20,95 x 27,30 cm, 75 pages, digital print

Fuck You, I'm a Girl! This publication is my graduation thesis. In my thesis I am looking at Girls Culture and is based around the research question “Which role could ‘Girls Culture’ from the 90s play within a new feminist ideology and what would we name this new movement?”.
This publication is printed in an edition of 4.

We are Girlism. Girlism stands for the celebration of being a girl. The word girl is all inclusive and doesn’t judge, every woman is a girl. Therefore: Girlism. It is for all girls. The feminist movement has a long history and therefore has a positive and negative value judgement. Feminism is about women as well as men, whereby the opposites between the sexes can be used to reinforce certain positive and negative ideas. The introduction of a new phrase as Girlism is necessary especially when focusing on the message of Girl Power. Girlism is about girls and girls alone. No comparison is made whereby Girlism is and can only be something positive. An important aspect of Girl Culture and therefore also of Girlism is to reclaim. Reclaim literally means ‘taking back again’. Taking back something which has degraded, hurt and brought down girls. Girlism also stands for reclaiming feminism. For all feminism which has been tainted by negativity. Girlists will not be hurt and brought down any longer.